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Solar Energy In Europe

Solar energy in Europe is quickly growing. The European Union has set some pretty ambitious goals when it comes to renewable energy, and when a large group of countries work together like what is currently happening, even the largest problems can be solved with ease.

When it comes to solar energy in Europe, Germany is leading the way. By a large scale, they produce and use more solar energy than any other country in the European Union. Based on current stats, they produce just over 66% of the solar energy in the EU. Other countries like Spain are starting to catch up, but since the union is working on a largely cooperative basis, which country actually generates the energy is less important than the total amount of solar energy in Europe that is being produced and used.

One thing that will definitely help move forward solar energy in Europe is the creation of organizations like PV-NET. The purpose of PV-NET is to bring together all the brightest minds in the realm of renewable energy and get them to focus all their intelligence on solving solar energy issues in the EU. When you get a large consortium of people like this working together, it is easy to solve major problems and create ingenious solutions.

There is no doubt that if solar energy in Europe continues to develop at the same pace it currently is, a very large portion of their energy needs will be met by solar energy alone. When you combine this with their wind power initiatives, it is clear that they are in a very good position when it comes to eliminating a large portion of their oil and coal dependence in the near future. The rest of the world should take note of what they are doing and try to follow their example.

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