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Solar Energy In Australia

When it comes to renewable energy, Australia is in a very unique situation. The geographical features of this continent (specifically the interior) make it a perfect location for vast amounts of solar energy installations. But, there are also some unique challenges that have presented themselves as well. If technology keeps developing and people don’t give up on solar energy in Australia, there is no reason why a very large percentage of the countries energy needs can be met by this clean, renewable source!

As it stands now, less than 0.2% of Australia’s power is being generated by solar energy. The government is offering many subsidies and lots of funding for businesses to start finding effective ways to harness solar energy and deliver it to the grid, but progress has been relatively slow.

The one issue with solar energy in Australia, though, is the fact that the areas where solar installations would be most effective are far away from major population centers. The interior of Australia is almost perfect for solar energy installations, but most of the energy requirements are located on the southern shore of the continent. This infrastructure is one of the reasons why solar energy in Australia has not taken off as fast as it has in other areas of the world, but solutions are being developed as we speak and before we know it, they will have caught up and maybe even surpassed other world leaders in this area.

The individual merits of both wind and solar power are being debated heavily in Australia and both have their pros and cons. If the infrastructure issue is solved relatively soon, then solar power may get the upper hand and will be the predominate source of renewable energy on this continent. But, probably the best solution would be a combination of wind turbines and solar energy installations. Only time will tell!

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